“An Utterly Incredible And Unforgettable Story.”


Media Reviews

"Easy to read, exciting and best of all, it is a true story..."
- Amarillo Globe News

"This story will give to American History a reality seldom conveyed by textbooks. The straight forward account is enriched with numerous bits of related information about the history, social life and customs of the period. An adventure story that's absolutely and remarkably true."
- Library Journal

"An utterly incredible and unforgettable story."
- New York Times

"I defy anyone not to be entranced - who could ask for a better adventure?"
- Norfolk Pilot

"The Abernathy Boys, Temple and Bud, made news everywhere they traveled. The book is loaded with photographs taken along the boys' route."
- Oklahoma City Gazette

"Nobody but nobody could have invented this story... heartwarming proof that... boys were men in Oklahoma in 1910."
- Publishers' Weekly

"Remarkable is a mild word...a glorious adventure which adventure loving boys will want to share..."
- Washington Post

"Bud & Me is a shared treasure, and it is a reminder of things American. This happy book deserves an audience of both children and adults."
- Tucson Weekly - Randall Holdridge

"A true story from the state's past, certain to entertain her present day readers..."
- Tulsa World