“An Utterly Incredible And Unforgettable Story.”


Reader Comments

"Congratulations on a product superbly done. The audio tapes of Bud & Me go far beyond the book and capture the excitement, awe and ambiance of a novel and challenging adventure. These are the kind of tapes one wants to take on a long trip with the family. It could well be a trip back in time when the whole family enjoyed listening to radio programs like Jack Armstrong or Fibber McGee and Molly. You have done a major service to a fun book and a wonderful adventure."
- John Gladfelter, PhD, Dallas, Texas

"I finally had a chance to read Bud & Me and I must say it was the dearest book I've ever read. It ranked high on my list...and made me really appreciate the simplicity and purity of children. What a joy to read - a real adventure!"
- Lisa Fuqua, Quanah, Texas

"I found a freshness and provocation in the book Bud & Me; freshness in the crisp writing style and provocation in remembering my childhood and the innocence of our great country at that time period. I heartily recommend the book to be read by fathers to their sons."
- Dr. Bill Yasko - Pastor, Houston, Texas

"I just finished reading your wonderful book Bud & Me to my 4th grade class. The stories were funny, scary, and above all, inspirational. My kids wanted more! Thanks again for a wonderful, loving, sweet memory of two Oklahoma kids!" - Jeannie Scott - Teacher, Frederick, Oklahoma

"As I read Bud & Me I kept thinking - this is fiction. Then I'd turn a page and here's a newspaper clipping or a picture of the boys, and this really brings it to life. This is not just a story, this really happened! Bud & Me is really a classic. I think it should be in every elementary and middle school library in the country."
- Rodney Rayburn, DDS, Houston, Texas

"Bud & Me is a wonderful book and a more wonderful story. It would be a gigantic hit as a movie! No violence, no dope, no crime, just two great boys on an adventure and doing what seems impossible by today's standards."
- Jim Worrell - Retired Special Agent - FBI, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Bud & Me will be one of our treasures. It teaches so much - faithfulness, integrity, honesty, and most of all - belief in God. This book is a precious gift for any age."
- Leslie and Polly Stone, Stephenville, Texas

"Anyone with a bit of wanderlust in their soul will have a very difficult time putting this book down. It's difficult to imagine two lads, five and nine, walking to school today much less traveling alone on horseback from ocean to ocean. Bud & Me is one of those books that hold you spellbound while all the time you are saying to yourself, "this can't be true" and yet there are photos to prove the story. Reading it to your kids and grandkids can teach them self reliance and independence."
- Bob Landrum, New Braunfels, Texas

"I ordered Bud and Me last year for my school's library, and it has become a favorite with all who read it. The story is told from a first person perspective as the younger Abernathy brother recounts the dangers and adventures he and his brother faced as they traveled across America. Mostly, it is a story of the goodness of the people who befriended the pair on their journeys. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves history and adventure. Bud & Me captivates both adults and children."
- Jane Sherwin, Librarian - First Baptist Christian Academy, Pasadena, Texas